Basically…art defines me…

Since young, I have always had a passion for art and music. It comprises of my everyday, every second and every single moment of my life.. I make songs and I make different renditions of different genres from various artists…

I also love photography, language, and of course, food! …and yes, I’ve always dreamed of being a host in a travel show in lifestyle network. haha…

okay.. then allow me to introduce my page: The World of Various Colors.  Everything in here just comprises of every awesome specimen on earth.  We all know that it isn’t all good and nothing here on earth could ever be perfect…but that’s not a sufficient reason to look at life in a dull, gray, and destructive manner…    The world comprises of different colors: gray,black,white,brown,blue,red,yellow, and well you get my point…  but all of those things wouldn’t matter if the other one isn’t there.  Balance and inter-connectivity is everything…
Let’s give one more chance to a different, much wonderful world…

~A World of Various Colors~
The World is just AWESOME! (*^_^*)


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