SLU Centennial (3)

October 10, 2010 at 1:16 pm (SLU Centennial)

Source: SLU Facebook Page

The SLU Centennial Logo and the SLU Logo.

“The SLU  Logo — The two most dominant colors of  SLU are blue and white. These represent the Marian influence of the founders of the school. In the order of heraldry, white symbolizes the earth and blue symbolizes heaven. The golden cross in the middle of the shield symbolizes the Christian Faith which is a veritable treasure (golden) to Her believers and which the school aims to the four corners of the earth (the four small crosses). Superimposed in the golden cross is the stylized lily that is associated with St. Aloysius Gonzaga, the patron saint of the University. The big sword traversing the shield expresses the vigilance that characterizes the work of education. The rugged mountains that loom behind the sword signify the battlefield in which the school stands in its efforts to shed the Light of Truth in the darkness of ignorance. The motto on the lower part of the seal, Sapienta Aedificat, expresses the belief of the founders that ‘wisdom builds.’ ”

Source: SLU Facebook Page

Fr. Seraphine de Vesse was one of the founders of the school

SLU main is located at A. Bonifacio St. , Baguio City. The campus has 16 major buildings.

The Burgos Gym is where the intramurals are usually held; It is the largest gym in Baguio City.

Source: SLU Facebook Page

SLU Bakakeng is an extension of SLU main campus. The building is for all of the Accountancy and Bussiness Management students.

SLU-LHS is for the high school students. it was initially built exclusively for boys that’s why it was called boys high. It then became a co-ed school on 2003.

There’s also the SLU-LES building that’s for the elementary students.


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