SLU Centennial (2)

October 10, 2010 at 11:22 am (SLU Centennial)

“SLU My home, My school”

“A home is not where you live,but where you’re loved and where they understand you”

We all know that life isn’t always easy because in the first place, it never really was. “The world wouldn’t have great sailors without the waves” — a quote that can reflect on the beauty of life amidst the obstacles. At times, we may think that our lives pull us down, that it’s always unfair, and that happiness is only short lived… but I consider myself lucky for I have lived in a world that shows how the world is just awesome. Yes, I have encountered a lot of obstacles but I know I have my home, SLU, as my inspiration and my light.

Each day, we feel excitement coming to school and there are various reasons why. I mean, imagine those things you could learn each day, all those exciting activities and celebrations, and most importantly, sharing your experiences and spending all your time with your school-mates and teachers. Every recess and lunch, you’d instantly feel frivolous with all the buzz that’s going around. You’d see the happy faces of all the students you see. Some of them are hugging, some of them whispering, some of them laughing out loud, some of them happily sharing stories to each other, and all those sorts of stuff you could think of. You’d also encounter a range of school activities that bring out the utmost creativity in you. One can’t simply stop smiling at the thought…

In our school, we wouldn’t even be familiar with the words boring and uninspiring… everything we have here is surrounded by the words fun learning. Everything from the books to the students is anything BUT boring and uninspiring. We have such exciting activities like intramurals, talent festivals, and the like. If you’re an introvert and you just want to sit and read, you could go to the library where you can find all kinds of books. You could also join various clubs of your choice. We have the Glee Club where you can enhance your vocals, we have the Band where you can show your talent of playing musical instuments, we have the Chess Club, the Girl Scouts of the Phillipines, the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, the Science Club, the Liturgy and Vocation club and all various clubs that you’d like to join. Through this school, our bond as students is really tight. Every single student is respected and given importance to. No one is left behind and no one is taken for granted. The relationship of the mentors to the students isn’t just that, the teachers value their students very much. They guide each and everyone of us to go to the right path leading to success in the road of honesty and true christian spirit.

A school is so much more than just reading, memorizing, and solving. It can help you know yourself more and serve you a better and much brighter future. It molds you with discipline and respect. Most of all, it can show you a true and genuine love that makes you feel special. It can act as your inspiration to success in life.

Saint Louis University– My home and my school… what more can you ask for?


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