SLU Centennial

October 9, 2010 at 3:41 pm (SLU Centennial)

“My gift to SLU in its centennial”

“Through our experiences we discover, and through our perseverance, we succeed”

Sanit Louis University- ahh.. The moment I hear it, I feel so happy and grateful.  This institution has helped me in ways of molding myself for the better. It has also helped us enhance our talents and bring out the  best in us.  It gave us the endless thrill of living and learning while strengthening our spirituality and potential.  There are a million other reasons for us to be thankful and that only leaves us thinking how to “give back”.

Our school, Saint Louis University, served as our second home.  We bond as a family and we support each other through thick and thin. Our mentors served as our parents/ guardians that helped us understand who we are and understand the world we live in.  Our school never really asked for anything in return but as the students, we would want to express our gratitude through our talents and actions that would reflect the beauty and education at its finest. Our achievements shall be offered to our school (and of course, our families).

Bringing change can’t take place if you’ve forgotten to change yourself first [for the better]. Therefore, I shall start transformation within myself. Then, I could already head to a  transformation that drives and encourages others to take part in progress and equality amidst the worldly temptations and injustice, a transformation that can bring out the best of who we can be, and serving the world with all honesty and humility.

These actions lead us all to one thing: Success and transformation. Success does not count how much money you have or how famous you are, but of who you are as a person and how you learn to stand up after every fall. On the other hand, transformation doesn’t begin with the world, it begins in you and spread out through the world. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you didn’t change the world, you didn’t move for transformation or change. The important thing is, you moved, you learned, you taught.. this is what transformation is.  As long as you’re willing to help make a change, you transformed.    This brings us back to where we started– Louisians giving back.

Our school’s centennial logo says: “a light that transforms”. It doesn’t mean that the school is the only one responsible for transformation, but rather, the obligation passes through all of us, Louisians, and through encouragement, we could also convince others to do the same. Through our actions and service to others, we now show that true Louisian spirit.

They say that if we do something good, God gives us something back. It may not be in the same package or it may not be that obvious, but he gives us something more each day.  The same goes through with our mission, SLU taught us something, we give back through fulfilling our mission to the world.

We really do become the light — A light that transforms.


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