The Figure

September 26, 2010 at 11:49 am (Me, Myself, and I)

Last night, I got so engrossed thinking about with my “haven” that I rushed out of the house grabbing a coat and fifty bucks (I knew I wouldn’t find some vending machine there.. but who knows right? haha).  The night felt so cold that my exaggerated coat wasn’t helping at all, so I ran faster and faster until I lost track of the road.  I was wondering why my “haven” was nowhere in sight. I suddenly got scared..  scared of what may happen… scared of how to go back… scared of what I should do.   I stayed in my spot, closed my eyes, and completely dissolved into nothingness.  I wasn’t sure what happened next, but when I opened my eyes, I was facing a beautiful, beautiful river. The refreshing smell of lemon grass filled my lungs.   The next thing I knew, I was crying. Unsure of what the reason was.   All of the anxieties was completely forgotten.   The flowers that were surrounding me were so exhilarating that I wasn’t sure if it was real… if I was only living inside a fantasy at that very moment.   I felt so fragile.  Anything can happen in this vast space, and I wouldn’t know where to go or what to do.  Suddenly, I saw this figure walking towards me.   I was shaking.  The figure wasn’t too far away now, but I can’t seem to move.  The only thing I could do was close my eyes, and I did.  I hugged my knees and stayed still. After a few moments, I can feel somebody else’ presence.   He sat beside me… I can feel his shoulders touching mine and it made me, somehow, feel comfortable.   It was so quiet that I the only things we can hear were our breaths and the whispers of our shoulders.   After a few moments, I heard him whisper: “Do something while you can. The world isn’t moving going to wait for you. Just trust yourself and everything will fall into place.”

I opened my eyes… I was in my room, and the sun was peeking behind the clouds.  It was all just a dream…  but it knew it wasn’t JUST A DREAM.


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My Haven

September 25, 2010 at 8:50 am (Me, Myself, and I)

travel vb -eled or -elling: 1 a:  To go from one place to another, as on a trip; journey.

Since young, I always have always loved to travel, even if it means going to the nearest ghost town (take that both literally and figuratively).  Most people, when they hear this word, would think of a wonderful scenery, the soothing music that only the water against the rocks could make, or the adventure that only goes for once in a lifetime. But for me, traveling is all about acquiring more live under a world of the unknown patiently waiting to be exposed and be uncovered.

Allow me to show you a little sneak peak of my haven. It’s usually where I release all the stress (although, when I get there, all the problems are automatically forgotten..) and at times where I just want to be alone to re-think.


Photographed By: Sara Tee
Before, when I feel somewhat dejected,  I gorge in boxes and boxes of chocolate and sulk in my room watching drama with my cat… okay, that’s a bit over exaggerated.     But what I really do is wait until everyone’s fast asleep and I’m all alone in my room stuck in the recesses of darkness and despair waiting for the moment where I can just let all my emotions run through… until I came across this place where I can rarely see people go by… a place where you could just feel a little taste of heaven along with all the “alone-ness” you can ever want.

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